mánudagur, maí 04, 2015

little flowers from my garden and a very nice drink

sunnudagur, maí 03, 2015

slowly growing

few weeks ago my allotment garden neighbor annelies from our strange nature, gave me some of the potatoes she had left to plant. this week i saw they are showing up, which makes me happy. next to this, me and my father also planted an other sort of potatoes and they are also showing up. a time ago i planted white cabbage the leaves have this lovely soft purple,light green colour and i sow salad, beetroot, chard, radish and turnip. further i planted out a first little courgette plant i grew, runnerbean plants and pea and bush bean plants. the runner beans are doing well, but the bush beans and the pea plants did not came through so good, i planted them out too earlier or something went wrong but i planted new bush bean and they are growing good on the windowsill inside and i sowed new peas right in the ground and i saw they are here and there also coming through slowly. further the strawberry plants are blooming and i look much forward to the next coming weeks to see how everything will develop. until very soon again and wishing you a lovely sunday.